Would You Rather HODL BTC Hoping It Hits $100K Or These Altcoins With 100x Potential?


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Ever since Bitcoin price has pulled strings to acquire a new ATH of $68,789 in November, the asset’s movement turned negative. With a consecutive generation of lower highs, the flagship asset has plummeted to $45k. Extensively, Plan B’s ambition of $100k by December turned out as a joke.   

The crypto sphere is maturing day by day, and there appears to be a drastic shift in the trader’s sentiment. Altcoins are as risky as Bitcoin, they travel alike to ride or die in the long run. Usually, the altcoins market will have a much higher return with decent corrections. 

However, it’s been more than six months where Bitcoin holders are sweating it out anticipating that the asset will claim $100k. On the other hand, altcoin projects have been prospering taller with 100x capability in 2022. There have been heated debates running around the market where traders are becoming conscious of projects with agile fundamentals other than Bitcoin. 

XRP, Chainlink, and Polkadot: The Next 100x Gems?

Crypto traders brace for higher volatility as Bitcoin underperforms. Since 2016, the flagship asset has enjoyed loftier gains of 9600%. Whereas, Ethereum and XRP enjoyed gains of 33,500% and 13,700% since 2016. As the flagship asset is losing its volatility day by day, altcoins with solid fundamentals would take the space by storm. 


XRP token was the toughest competitor of Ethereum at times. As the platform is hopeful of lawsuit clearance by SEC in Q1, the protocol would get relisted on prominent exchanges. If everything goes well in the XRPs way, the altcoin is likely to reclaim an ATH of $3.84


Whilst the majority of the cryptocurrency projects are occupied with giving out unsustainable yields for the short-term pumps. Chainlink colonized by developing an agile fundamental behemoth that will be more sustainable for future use-cases. 

Citibank says $LINK may be bigger than Bitcoin pic.twitter.com/w5p2wK2wCe

— Albert Naz (@linkchainlink) January 8, 2022

Crypto proponent Albert Naz has opined that LINK will be bigger than Bitcoin in the future. Whilst the protocol helps to enable the growth of the on-chain ecosystem, it may become increasingly critical for the working of the blockchain infrastructure


Polkadot has recently accomplished the core vision of its platform, which is interoperability with different chains. The platform has experienced interest and price spikes in 2021when traders are convinced with its tangible examples of realworld applications. However, owing to the January 5th crash, the DOT price is trading 50% below its ATH. Once buy pressure starts to build up, we can expect gains up to $100 in 2022. 

Collectively, rather than anticipating 100% gains in Bitcoin, the aforementioned altcoins hold the massive potential to outperform in 2022. The flagship asset may even lose its position if it fails in gaining the volatility.

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