Top 5 Upcoming NFT Projects, Worth Investing in December 2021


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You’ve been hearing about NFT’s all around the internet for a few months, there are updates on NFT’s being sold for millions of dollars and also news about celebrities joining the NFT trend. 

But wait, It’s not just a trend, It is a revolution and one of the finest applications of blockchain technology after DeFi.

As the records say the NFT Sales volume crossed $11 billion in 2021 Q3 and popular folks like  Visa, Steph Curry, Jimmy Fallon, Gary Vee and more have shown strong interest. 

With the increase in demand, the supply is also growing and this will continue until we reach a sensible stability mode. 

For people who are new to NFT, we’ve got you covered with some basics below. Those who already know can jump forth. 

What is NFT ? 

Any data like photos, video, audios, apps and games that is stored on a digital ledger/blockchain is called NFT. The data stored (Minted ) on the blockchain is associated with a unique address (ID) that represents the owner. 

For example, You shoot and publish a video of yourself and it somehow goes viral, you can now mint that video into a blockchain and reserve the public proof ownership, and trade it for value.

Thinking of Getting Started with NFTs ?

To make it easy for users to evaluate or choose among suitable platforms, we organized a survey with 200+ NFT and Blockchain experts and the results are helpful. 

The survey includes figures like Volume of transactions, Market presence, media authority, user experience and estimations. 

We call it “ Top 5 NFT Projects with Rank “

Top 5 NFT with Rank

The Survey shows 

Soties NFT – The project is on top of the list and has the highest score of  47. 


Sloties are the new players in the quickest developing internet-based Casino network that have been trying to fuse blockchain innovation into the betting industry. 

The Platform provides holders admittance to the new universe of Defi Gambling. Based on ERC-721 standard It utilizes proof of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain 

Slotie NFT holders become shareholders of the 150 casinos’ house edge and earn revenue every time a slot machine is spinned in any of the partner casinos. It essentially implies that a NFT holder can procure income on any of his/her NFTs by creating liquidity for the slot game. Since the NFT-based space games carry a ton of traffic to the club, the club will share their House Edge’s 65% to the Slotie NFT holders for this particular opening game.

Aside from staking, all the Slotie holders earn passive income on a monthly basis. The income is shared from Elia Software’s profits, which is the company behind the Slotie project. 80% of the profit from this specific slot game will be shared to the Slotie community. NFT holders will earn passive income based on the rarity of their NFTs.

Slotie also grants it’s owners a 20% rakeback guarantee in their partner casinos. Rakeback is attached to the NFT rarity and it can change from 5% to 20% based on how rare the NFT traits are.


This  is a new art and digital fashion playground. Built around an initial drop of 8,192 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, the project unites style, technology and community, and sets up HAPES as next-generation fashion leaders.

Rangers Football Club NFT 

Scottish professional football club Rangers announced the launch of a commemorative series of NFTs. This announcement was to mark the first Premiership title in a decade and to preserve the legacy in the annals of football history. 

Featuring four tiers of rarity, the platform is launching a series of 1,111 unique and beautifully crafted NFTs

* 1/1 –The Champions Trophy Lift

* 1/10 – The Champions Trophy Lift – ‘Manager & Club Captain edition’

* 1/100 – “The Invincibles” Signed Shirt

* 1/1,000 – The Premiership Medal

NFT collection dropped on Opensea on Wednesday, November 17. The 1/1,000 Premiership Medal and the 1/100 “The Invincibles” Signed Shirt will both be listed at a fixed sale price.

When you buy our NFTs, you’re not just buying exclusive digital artwork and a piece of Rangers history – you’re also buying unforgettable real-life experiences. All of our 1/10 The Champions Trophy Lift – ‘Manager & Club Captain edition’ NFTs come with two hospitality match invites, an exclusive Rangers legend guided stadium tour, and a signed Rangers shirt.

VeeFriends NFT

VeeFriends is Gary Vaynerchuk ’s passion project. His NFT collection comprises 10,266 NFTs to build meaningful intellectual property, and a great community.

VeeFriends will be effectively contributing towards DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) that work for making sustainable power, lessening fossil fuel byproduct, and supporting ETH 2.0 Proof of Stake (PoS) advancement for more energy proficiency.

VeeFriends NFTs are separated into three classes, Admission, Gifts, and Access. Your NFT will go about as a section pass to go to VeeCon Event for 2022, 2023, and 2024.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based battling and trading game. It is inspired by popular games like Tamagotchi and Pokemon and allows players to collect, breed, raise trade, and battle token-based creatures known as Axies. 

The platform traditionally pushes gamers to purchase digital assets or view advertising on their platform to earn income. 

Players can enjoy owning assets on the platform and monetize as the ecosystem grows. With more than a million daily active users (DAUs), many players have started seeing the game as a way to earn their regular income.

It essentially implies that a NFT holder can procure income on any of his/her NFTs by making liquidity for the opening game.

Since the NFT bases space games carry a ton of traffic to the club, the club will share their House Edge’s 65% to the Slotie NFT holders for this particular opening games.

The above NFT Projects are listed based on the survey hosted by a blockchain enthusiast team among the NFT experts and suggest reliable NFT projects to get started.

The Sloties among all offers great user experience and  Good ROI too

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